VT-00 – Ultra Kolosal Total Remixes


Preview Track: Ultra Kolosal Total Remixes (Teaser) 


The two singles return with a couple of riotous experimental remixes from such emerging acts. VT-00 brings five collaborators: Asam, Loreng, Dony Manurung, Xin Lie and Fuzzy, I to remix the two singles “Ultra Kolosal ” and “Sabotase” . 

This release is an exclusive to The Store Front.

Staff Comments: 

“This may seem like an exaggeration, but VT-00 and Future Exp is the best thing to come out of 2020. The two singles with the original mix is splendid as is, but with the remix album, the five collaborators bring their own slant to each respective track, transforming it into their own. Deserve a spin in any condition!”

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  1. Ultra Kolosal (Original Mix)
  2. Sabotase (Original Mix)
  3. Serikat
  4. Ultra Kolosal (Asam Remix)
  5. Ultra Kolosal (Loreng Remix)
  6. Sabotase (Xin Lie Remix)
  7. Sabotase (Fuzzy, I Remix)
  8. Sabotase (Dony Manurung Remix)

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3.