About Us & Our Cut

Coming from the folks who got you your favorite/least favorite live shows, noisewhore, we present to you, The Store Front. An independent platform that let you support your favorite artists by purchasing their goods, be it digital or physical. As some of you may know, streaming may has its own appeal, but the pay out for artists is very low, you can ask any artists right now! So why not consume your music in a healthier way? Support the independent industry through the most equitable store around.

Our Cut

Transparency is key. So we are telling you now that we take 10% of every purchase here. Why 10% you ask? Our server costs money, our worker needs money too! We are hosting digital releases that takes up a lot of space in our server, so naturally we have to maintain that. The workers here at The Store Front are volunteers, so we just take whatever’s left, if any. 

Consider supporting The Store Front directly via our public tip jar here

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