Support your favorite artists on a fully independent platform

We proudly present our ground initiative for this platform: The 90% Initiative. This means that the artists at the very least will own 90% of the revenue here over at our platform.

No intermediary, no anything, just us, people in the independent industry, boosting each other.

See where the money goes every month, full disclosure for everyone

Any initiative will instantly be lip service when it is not transparent. We strive to give you, the artists and the consumer, full disclosure of our operation.

What we do with our 10% cut, our expenditures and any other financial disclosure will be done through our monthly financial report.

Own your music via The Store Front, on your terms

You own your music here at The Store Front. We store your download forever in your account, you can re-download in any of your device.

You also control how you pay, you can pay via our local e-wallet, debit, credit and bank transfer.

Contribute to the artists and us, the platform, by supporting the beta launch of The Store Front