Our Workers

Argia Adhidhanendra – Store Director

Started a zine in high school and somehow it led to creating this platform. Can also be found ranting somewhere on the internet.

Danang Joewono – Technical Director

The only who can code between us. Can’t wait to join any company that pays him well enough to slack off so he can host his podcast and take care of his band.

Aliyya Asra – Product Manager

A cat lady without the cat. Can be seen crying in public spaces. Self proclaimed mother of the boys here at The Store Front.

Ihza Bayu Widodo. – Product Manager

Latest edition to the crew. The glue guy for us all.

Kevin Silalahi – Store Manager

A producer, can also be qualified as a hermit. Currently producing his own works under whoosah. Also producing noisewhore FM.

Rofi Ayyasy – Legal Advisor

The only lawyer crazy enough to want to build a more sustainable music industry.