Bin Idris – Bin Idris


Preview Track: Calm Water 


Gloom-folk-churning singer/songwriter Haikal Azizi’s eponymous, seminal debut full-length as Bin Idris. The album is not a complete departure from his initial guitar-driven approach from his contemplative blues/psychedelia “Mahabharata” days, with old songs such as “Laylat Al-Qadr” and and “Calm Water” included in the track listing among then-new ones.

Staff Comments: 

“Can we call something from 2016 a classic already? This album can be qualified as one down the line (If not now), it sparked something else in the industry, a wave of folk releases followed after Bin Idris’s self titled album, none can match the magic and prowess of Haikal Azizi.”

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  1. Temaram
  2. Rebahan
  3. Jalan Bebas Hambatan
  4. Pusara
  5. Tulang dan Besi
  6. Dalam Wangi
  7. Di Atas Perahu
  8. Calm Water
  9. Laylat Al Qadr
  10. How Naive
  11. Inside A Room

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3.