narcholocos x Anal Geisha – s/t


Preview Track: Anal Geisha – Sekinen No Urami 


narcholocos brought along Japanese grindcore unit, Anal Geisha, for a full length split, 20 tracks full of action. Anal Geisha brings an old school grindcore sound in one side and narcholocos still on their path of hardcore punk.

This album is exclusively available via The Store Front. FLAC/wav format available by reaching out to us via after checkout.

Staff Comments: 

“If there’s anything that can be said with this album, it’s the underground network! Fun, jam packed collaboration, both sides offers a chaotic energy, from classic grindcore to Spanish hardcore punk. A combination that we rarely see!”

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  1. narcholocos – No Hay Humanidad
  2. narcholocos – Dificil Encontrar
  3. narchocolos – La Corrupcion
  4. narchocolos – Todos Son Grandes
  5. narchocolos – Unos A Otros
  6. narchocolos – Encendamos Un Fuego
  7. narchocolos – Cancion Instrumental
  8. narchocolos – El Mundo No Es Justo
  9. narchocolos – Decepcionado
  10. narchocolos – Se Hagan Realidad
  11. Anal Geisha – Mangled
  12. Anal Geisha – Cluster of Hated
  13. Anal Geisha – Mass for the Dead
  14. Anal Geisha – Stinky The Pooh
  15. Anal Geisha – Terror Attacks
  16. Anal Geisha – Suffocation
  17. Anal Geisha – Spicy Shit
  18. Anal Geisha – Kanashibari
  19. Anal Geisha – Serial Murders
  20. Anal Geisha – Sekinen No Urami

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3.


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