Harry Roesli Gang – Opera Rock – Ken Arok


Preview Track: Babak II Bagian I


Opera Rock is written by Harry Roesli and involved some heavyweights, namely Harry Pochang, Yanto Soejono, Didi Petet, Imank, Hanny Verplak, Adhi (Giant Step), Albert Warnerrin (Giant Step), Kang Entang, Kania and Lenny.

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Staff Comments: 

“As the title suggests, this is one big shabang of the some of the biggest names ever. And I’m proud to say that it delivers. It’s extravagant in its own way.”

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  1. Babak I Bagian 1
  2. Babak I Bagian 2
  3. Babak I Bagian 3
  4. Babak II Bagian 1
  5. Babak II Bagian 2
  6. Babak II Bagian 3
  7. Babak II Bagian 4
  8. Babak II Bagian 5

Includes: Digital download in 160kbps MP3.