Gabe Gabe Tapes – Arsip Sinar Pagi


Preview Track: Kognes Park – 18/25


Arsip Sinar Pagi is a form of greeting, one that is sent from Medan to the wider audience. The making of the compilation is based on an idea, an attempt to compile and share various sounds that represent the city’s rich characteristic to listeners, labels, media, and promoters out there. As much as the aim is to introduce several new names to music enthusiasts, it is to reminisce as well.  The “Arsip Sinar Pagi” compilation intends to summarize the evolution of Medan’s alternative music in the past 18 years. That notion became the foundation of the curation process.

The 10 artists gathered, whose works stretch from 2002 to 2020, embody the diverse nature of the city. You can expect tracks from seasoned players such as MTAW, Suarasama, The Cangis, No One Cares, Korine Conception to ones with cult following that are Pullo, Hello Benji and The Cobra, Beetleflux up to newcomers like Kognes Park and Moongazing & Her. Each carry different tone aesthetics, yet emphasize layers of growth and response of the music industry in Medan over the years. This compilation will be released on December 18th, along with a digital booklet. The physical release will be carried exclusively by Gabe Gabe Tapes, while the digital version will be released on The Store Front and Bandcamp.

This release is an exclusive to The Store Front. Comes with a digital booklet.

wav format available by reaching out to us via after checkout.

Staff Comments: 

“Arsip Sinar Pagi proves to be one of the most interesting releases this year, and a good ending to a miserable year. The compilation really did a good job in representing the culture and scene in Medan.”

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  1. MTAW – Silly (Exotic)
  2. Suarasama – Trans Notes (To the Wars)
  3. Beetleflux – Delphine
  4. No One Cares – Infinite Curse
  5. Moongazing & Her – Wallflower
  6. The Cangis – First Symphony
  7. Kognes Park – 18/25
  8. Hello Benji & The Cobra – Anak Muda
  9. Pullo – Tenebrous
  10. Korine Conception – Lost Imaginary

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3 and a digital booklet.