Disaster Records – Alkisah Remix


Preview Track: Alkisah Teaser 


Senyawa’s artistic mastery in their latest album Alkisah has brought about a flock of other musicians to intermeddle and remixing the tracks in the album. To recall at least four, Audioscum, Bagvs, Dark Torrent, and Xin Lie are among others who have invited us along to embark on a spiritual journey through their respective sounds. Redefining the Senyawa’s wizardry in Alkisah.

This release is an exclusive release to The Store Front.

wav format available by reaching out to us via info@noisewhore.com after checkout.

Staff Comments: 

“Decentralisation in music is a must and Senyawa is leading by example. Commissioning your album to multiple labels with their own approach is something that only Senyawa can pull off today. This particular take on “Alkisah” by Disaster Records features Xin Lie, Audioscum, Dark Torrent and Bagvs – A mix of renowned and up and coming names!”

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  1. Senyawa – Istana (Audioscum Remix)
  2. Senyawa – Fasih (Xin Lie Remix)
  3. Senyawa – Alkisah II (Dark Torrent Remix)
  4. Senyawa – Kiamat (Bagvs Remix)

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3.