V/A – Derby Days: Indonesian Indierock Compilation


Preview Track: Swellow – Berita Harian 



Anoa Records and Leeds Records collaborated together to release one exciting compilation titled Derby Days: Indonesian Indierock Compilation. This compilation includes 14 bands like Barefood, Texpack, Somnyfera, S0rra, Reid Voltus, Skandal, Arc Yellow, Much, Inbetweeners, Gascoigne, Zzuf, Sugarsting, Swellow, and Rrag.

This release is an exclusive to The Store Front.

Staff Comments: 

“Leave it to two of indie stalwart labels to come up with a comprehensive compilation like this! Lots of new names and old guards, a good mix and a good marker of what’s happening in the indie rock space right now”

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  1.  Inbetweeners – Grit
  2. Texpack – The Early Serenade
  3. Reid Voltus – Buzzing Buzzard Buzz
  4. Gascoigne – Friday Fight Night
  5. Arc Yellow – Blunder
  6. .Skandal – Percuma
  7. Much – Go Easy
  8. Zzuf – Make It Grow
  9. S0RRA – The Day Thing Sees
  10. Barefood – Truth
  11. Sugarsting – Chasing Pony
  12. Rrag – Janari
  13. Somnyfera – Adalah Kosmonot Purba Berasal Dari Masa Depan Yang Lain
  14. Swelow – Berita Harian

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3.


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