The Rentenir – Eternal Journey To The Greatest Self Exploration


Preview Track: Get Out!


Imagine an indie pop band, mix it with a cocktail of mischief and teenage dreams, well that’s exactly what The Rentenir is. After a year long break of not releasing new music, The Rentenir finally took a leap of faith making a full-fledge album titled “Eternal Journey To The Greatest Self Exploration”. In the album, The Rentenir (Haf, Chim and Dimas) finally decided to push their egos aside and try to combine their creative ideas in music for the sake of progressing The Rentenir’s musical identity. Also welcoming their new producer Abi Sulma to the mix, The Rentenir wishes to push their creative boundaries in their debut album. “Eternal Journey To The Greatest Self Exploration” is The Rentenir’s way to tell the world that they are capable of such musical capabilities. Inspired by 00’s rock guitar riffs, the tonality of 80’s rock bands and also experimenting with modern soundscapes yet staying true to their original roots (BritPop) is what the audience should expect in this album. Also, expect the rollercoaster of emotions that is poured into the album making it a journey itself.

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  1. Eternal Journey
  2. New High
  3. Get Out!
  4. It Comes Again
  5. Luna
  6. It Might Be A Doublecross
  7. All The Amens
  8. This Song Is For Remembering You and Me
  9. The Queen Is Dead

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3 and .WAV format by request.