Strange Mountain II – Orchestra of Glittering Roses


Preview Track: Kosumosu

Strange Mountain is Marcel Thee’s solo act, boasting over a dozen releases spanning 5+ years. The music is both layered and dense, carrying his unwavering sonic experimentation.

Staff Comments: 

“If you need some ambient music while you disassociate with everything at 3 AM, this is your jam.”

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  1. Like Mirror Holograms, The Turning Tides of Time
  2. Orchestra of Glittering Roses
  3. Kosumosu
  4. Pleasure Currents
  5. Silver Roses Blooming
  6. As We Turn Into Snow
  7. The Fading of Youth
  8. Changtang
  9. On Designing Dreams
  10. Nowhereness

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3.