rekah – Semua Sejauh Ini


Preview Track: Lihat Aku Menghancurkan Diri 


“Semua Sejauh Ini” is a compilation LP, comprised of all their works from the beginning up until today in 2020. It contains the mini album “Berbagi Kamar” and two singles titled “Gulag” and “Untuk Gadis yang Selalu Memakai Malam”

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Staff Comments 

“Rekah is your like yourself at 3 AM being pissed and sad. Rekah is still one of the most earnest band around, the songwriting on this mini album is top notch and songs like “Lihat Aku Menghancurkan Diri” is as catchy as it gets. Now with two more singles, it captures the entirety and progression of Rekah.”

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  1. Lihat Aku Menghancurkan Diri
  2. Mengeja Langit-Langit
  3. Seribu Tahun Lagi
  4. Tentang Badai dan Pagi Setelahnya
  5. Belajar Tenggelam
  6. GULAG
  7. Untuk Gadis yang Selalu Memakai Malam


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