Oscar Lolang – Drowning in Shallow Water


Preview Track: Eastern Man 


Full length LP from singer-songwriter Oscar Lolang. Released back in 2017. The album tells its audience about personal stories and social issues, combined with a simple instrumentation from Oscar.

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Staff Comments:

“Oscar Lolang, an old friend of the collective! He played on a few of our first shows. His performances are something else, he pulls in inspiration from everywhere, from his little personal stories to issues in Papua. But whatever it is, he wraps it up with a his guitar and makes us sing along.”

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  1. The Rain Was A-Fallin’ Hard in Vain
  2. A Bosnian & a Brazilian
  3. Unwanted Temple
  4. Mr. Othar’s Vacation Blues
  5. Eastern Man
  6. Yellow Moon
  7. Clouds of Jakarta
  8. Green Man
  9. Travl’n
  10. Kumbaya – Live

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3.