Noise from Under – Aliquem Alium Internum


Noise from Under is the new moniker of rapper Abim, previously known as Noise from the hip-hop collective ONAR. “Aliquem Alium Internum”, Noise from Under’s debut album, serves as an expansion to the Jakarta-based musician’s artistic explorations.

The nine-track album showcases a range of genres, adding elements from electronic and industrial music to Noise from Under’s hip-hop/rap background.

Includes a digital booklet. To receive WAV files, reach out to after checkout.

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  1. Fashion Weak
  2. Limbo (ft. Rally Jachmoon)
  3. Paguyuban Swag
  4. YOLO (ft. Laze)
  5. Nihil (ft. Jesslyn Juniata)
  6. Breakdown Comedy (ft. Satan’s Heir)
  7. Aliquem Alium Internum
  8. Simulacrum (ft. Kezia Alaia)
  9. Pity Uomo (ft. Kuzco, Ayub Jonn)

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3, digital booklet.


  1. Gingin

    Can’t stand to see it

  2. Gingin

    Can’t stand to watch

  3. Alfredo Teja

    He is back, pusaka sejuta umat manusia!

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