Logic Lost – Degenerates


Preview Track: Inconsiderate

Degenerates is an anthology of songs based around the experience of living in environments that are shaped by toxicity. The album is about the natural human reactions that arise when dealing and living in cultures and environments that serve to put everyone on the wrong foot. The conditions, norms, cultures, and traditions humans have created using degenerate mindsets have helped exacerbate the downfall of the land we stand on and accelerate our extinction as a species. We are a species that lusts over profit, power, and omnipotence above all things. Prejudice is flaunted as a proud currency. Exploitation is presented as the key to success. Authority is abused until nobody knows what real authority is. Responsibilities and common sense are eschewed in favor of recklessness, indifference, and hostility. Materialism has become a religion, complete with public stonings and coercion. Domination is the goal of life, as total power grants immunity to every degraded act that one wishes to keep doing. And so on. With the desire to always be on top of one another, we simply fall apart. The foundation to our structure increasingly becomes inadequate, the bones that make up this skeleton of humanity increasingly become brittle. Degradation from the inside. The end at humanity’s own hands is inevitable at this point. But in the meantime, whatever we can do right, we try to do. Even if the world does not want you to do it. That is survival.

Credits: Production/Songwriting—Dylan Amirio Co-Production—Yudhistira Abjani (“Blunt Force Trauma”, “Tartarus”, “Learn Nothing”, “A Race to the Bottom”) Additional Musicians: Rizky Indrayadi (Synths – “Inconsiderate”) Rully Shabara (Vocals – “Learn Nothing”) Mixing—Mahamboro Mastering—Gasta Artwork Source: “Phenomena of Materialisation” – Baron von Schrenck Notzing (1923, Public Domain) Artwork Layouts—Emirpasha Bhaskara, Anindito Ar

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  1. You Don’t Deserve Everything You Want
  2. Inconsiderate
  3. Blunt Force Trauma
  4. Curbside Teeth
  5. Choke
  6. Tartarus
  7. Learn Nothin
  8. A Race to the Bottom

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