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Sawang Sinawang A unique Exploration experience by KARTOSOEWIRJO? Sometimes the expression ‘less contemporary’ becomes a scourge that makes creativity to be shackled. The sense of honesty in playing music is also questioned, so that it does not seem outdated. There isn’t many musicians/bands that make musical projects yet are stupid enough to go against the stigmas of the music industry. Musicians try to glorify that honesty but still make wise decisions in taking the right steps so as not to be buried in competition in the increasingly wild music industry. This is the way Kartosoewirjo? is doing things. They continue to make music, all the while, collaborating with their fellow musicians that have a high classy sense in music. This is not an ensemble of contemporary programming and computing. They are picking and modifying colours, idioms, and accents from various musical genres.

Music made by Kartosoewirjo is commonly called ‘Mathcore’ or anything that stands for uniqueness. It is made to the point of being new and fresh for our current generation, in the intention of being ‘the current trend’. It’s just wise! There is something interesting when Kartosoewirjo? briefly narrated what the first single of this project actually tells: “This Album is based on human nature, which often compares personal life with others.The current phenomena that’s trending today: the showcase of wealth in social media even though it is begotten through debts, scams, crime, corruption, and a longing to reinterpret a new viewpoint from the paradigm and stereotype of normal human beings with regard to the word ‘humanity’ itself.” Given the title ‘Sawang Sinawang’, from the language of Jawa, the composition that is not dominated by the sound of guitar distortions in this super fast tempo music, also is attributed with an atmosphere based on traditional musical instruments which is crowded by the ambient of both the sounds of the electric and bass guitars, the fast drum tempo accompanied with the sound of the Soprano Saxophone and also with a dragging dynamics (a combination that tends to sounds gloomy); all of these musical arrangements is combined with different themes as was previously elaborated.It is indeed an exploration of something new and exciting in music. It is interesting because Kartosoewirjo? is able to bring up a theme that actually takes its toll, but is still rarely discussed.

From the track ’Sawang Sinawang’ that is also taken as the title of the album, Fatur the figure behind Kartosoewirjo? tries to display the anxiety of the contemporary utopian lifestyle, because it takes the person far into a dream-like state. And by hanging dreams (ideals) as high as the sky, even though they themselves understand that the sky is invisible, until finally experiencing the complicated lifestyle, they then choose to be in denial of the reality, in any way they can. That is the story that Kartosoewirjo? is trying to convey in ’Sawang Sinawang’ Listen, open your mind and conscience, then enjoy Kartosoewirjo?’s latest composition.

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  1. Jumawa
  2. Tolak Bala Feat. Matthew Guggemos
  3. Sawang Sinawang
  4. Ruwet

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