IGMO – Take It Over


Preview Track: Head On Fire

IGMO is excited to announce the release of its debut album, ‘Take It Over’. The album theme revolves around its very title, Take It Over. But, what is “it”? About that, the band said, “… ‘It’ refers to anything you can think of. But in a most personal way, you can read it as ‘Taking ourselves over’; fighting, standing, and keep growing our very selves each day. Carpe diem.” It consists of 8 lyrically and musically diverse tracks. There are faster, hard-paced numbers such as “Head on Fire” (first single), “Awesome” (second single), “Dark Rhyme” (fourth single), “The Oldbook”, and “No Time After Weekend”. Those tracks make up the “hard rock” label they carry on. However, IGMO doesn’t stop there. They also recorded three songs outside their aforementioned DNA. For instance, there is “Peace of Night” (third single); a southern-rock tune influenced by Lynyrd Skynyrd and the likes. Going even softer, the last track, “Endless Route” presents a contemplative acoustic track; reminiscing John Denver and Bob Dylan’s vibes. In addition, there’s this finale called “Undisclosed/Kill the Pain, Let Our Mind…”, a 7-minute stoner number that showcases the musical direction of their second and third album. (That’s right, they have prepared all of them). Finally, PUCATPENA did the artwork for ‘Take It Over’. The Malang-based visual artist has done all the previous singles, too.

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  1. Awesome
  2. Dark Rhyme
  3. No Time After Weekend
  4. Head on Fire
  5. Peace of Night
  6. The Oldbook
  7. Undisclosed/Kill Pain, Let Our Mind…
  8. Endless Route
  9. Sounds of The Warlog (bonus track)

Includes: Mp3 320Kbps download and digital booklet exclusive to The Store Front.