Godwinson – In June (2020 Remaster)


Preview Track: Janus Words

Originally released in 2018 following a period of creative growth and discovery, In June serves as a time capsule that puts me back in a headspace freed of worry and uncertainty. It’s a product of a mind wholly in thrall of the idea that creative work provides the ultimate outlet through which the oppressiveness of the everyday is filtered and turned into a positive, mentally and spiritually. Needless to say I’m a few years removed from it now and my view on creative work has similarly taken on a less romantic tone. However, revisiting In June has been nourishing for me in the sense that it puts in perspective how much things have changed and yet remained the same, how time has unveiled new layers to the music and how I no longer see its imperfections as a flaw but rather a feature–all conspired to set in motion this remastering project which I undertook in the middle of last year during a particularly therapeutic period in my personal life. I saw it as an opportunity to reintroduce the album with an added clarity that I have gained through the years as a better producer and engineer. I have included the bonus track “Shadowboxing in a Down Year” as it was recorded during the same sessions and points to the sounds I intend to explore as Godwinson. I hope you resonate with this version of In June as much as the original and recognize parts of my intention that words alone cannot express.

Remastered by Rizki Asasi at home in August – October 2020. “Shadowboxing in a Down Year” written, recorded, and produced by Rizki Asasi at home in October 2020. Album artwork by Agatha Marsha.

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  1. Temporal 2013
  2. Tinsel, Broken Glass, and Rags
  3. Janus Words
  4. I Keep Forgetting That I Remember
  5. Reprise
  6. Shadowboxing in a Down Year (bonus track)

Includes: MP3 320Kbps download.