Fleur! – Fleur Fleur Fleur!


Preview Track: Juwita Malam feat. Bilal Indrajaya

The most anticipated debut album from the Indonesian Trio Fleur! is now here in Deluxe Edition CD set, Consist of 11 Tracks with bundles of their live show later in June!

This release is an exclusive to The Store Front.

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  1. Gadis Bunga
  2. Tak Bernada
  3. Jangan Harap
  4. Muka Dua
  5. Agogo
  6. Juwita Malam feat. Bilal Indrajaya
  7. Lagu Lama
  8. Merona
  9. Oh Kasih
  10. Break Sebat feat. Adra Karim
  11. Safe Flight feat. Rika Putri Anjani

Includes: MP3 320Kbps download