Densky9 – Selera Musik Taik Kuda


Preview Track: nomor dua belas


“Selera Musik Taik Kuda” is an exclusive tape releases also will be a tape series by beatmaker/producer Densky9. Contain 24 tracks, almost 40 minutes soul sample based Hip Hop heavily influenced by J Dilla Donuts, Madlib Beat Konducta series and Leem Lizzy Butter Trilogy. The series showcases Densky9 love for the art of sampling also technicality and how soul sample could be re-work or re-done with minimal effort, straight to the point almost backpack type of beat making genre.

This release is an exclusive to The Store Front. 

wav format available by emailing after checkout.

Staff Comments: 

“Leaving the tracks of this tape only titled with its track listing makes your mind wonder what setting and title would suit the tracks best. Such a good tape from Densky9.”

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  1. nomor satu
  2. nomor dua
  3. nomor tiga
  4. nomor empat
  5. nomor lima
  6. nomor enam
  7. nomor tujuh
  8. nomor delapan
  9. nomor sembilan
  10. nomor sepuluh
  11. nomor sebelas
  12. nomor dua belas
  13. nomor tiga belas
  14. nomor empat belas
  15. nomor lima belas
  16. nomor enam belas
  17. nomor tujuh belas
  18. nomor delapan belas
  19. nomor sembilan belas
  20. nomor dua puluh
  21. nomor dua puluh satu
  22. nomor dua puluh dua
  23. nomor dua puluh tiga
  24. nomor dua puluh empat

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3.