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Preview Track: Inhale 

Bottlesmoker is a dance/electronic duo from Bandung, Indonesia. Their work focuses in exploring native rhythms from Indonesia and Southeast Asia, recreating them in an electronic form, mixing the old with the new, analogue and digital, to create their own unique sound, light and visuals. Their musical explorations go from Tribal to Techno, from Pacific Vibes to psychedelic, from Downtempo to Ambient, the sound and visual palette keeps growing and adding more and more flavours to the mix.

Bottlesmoker has been doing lots of experiment in the songs making, they adapt the way in which the Indonesian traditional instruments played. They sample recordings of solo rituals to choirs, and produce sounds that are unique, catchy with a hint of pop, and yet dance-able at the same time—all accompanied by amazing visuals, and not forgetting their ever-present, themed costumes in their performances.

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Staff Comments: 

“MUSMUS rapidly becoming a medium of experimentation and sonic discovery, with its latest installment on Bottlesmoker, the 3 tracks provide ample material to wow anyone listening to it.”

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  1. Inhale
  2. Tortuga
  3. Talimaa Stated
  4. Moksa

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