ANIKONIK – S/T (2023)


Preview Track: Gaduk


Anikonik is the first album release from a hip-hop syndicate from Makassar, which has Amok and Metz as rhyme makers, and Anches as tone assembler.

All lyrics are written by Amok and Metz, except “Rodi Katastrofi” written by Amok, Metz and Kid Clique; “Tuang Tuak” written by Amok, Metz , and Grill Dg. Lopo; “BarisAnti Garis” written by Amok, Metz and Collvpse. All music produced by Anches, except “Bring da Noize” produced by 2sxde. Recorded at DVN Studio, Makassar, except for Kid Clique’s verse on “Rodi Katastrofi”. Mixed and Mastered by Anches. Album Cover Design by JINX8501.

This release is an exclusive to The Store Front. 

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  1. Bring da Noize (Prod. 2sxde)
  2. Jangan Tertangkap
  3. Siasat Pukat Nikmat
  4. Senyap
  5. Rodi Katastrofi (ft. Kid Clique)
  6. Tuang Tuak (ft. Grill Dg. Lopo)
  7. Gaduk
  8. Baris Anti Garis (ft. Collvpse)
  9. Sembah Horor
  10. Leksikon Abriter Cypher
  11. Kontra-Nasionalisme

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3, Exclusive Digital Booklet, and .WAV format by request to