Staff Picks #02

The Store Front has brought back the familiar feeling I had downloading albums back in middle school. It’s always been a habit, and a good one as well. Being able to share more music for people to discover and rediscover has always been pleasant for me, and with this website I have done that to myself, share a familiar feeling.

Here are my staff picks

  1. Escape Pod Situation -Escape Pod Situation

Exploration of sounds in deep psyche. There are many ways to get specific sounds you want, and Kevin has definitely explored deeper to produce the sounds of EPS. To me, this is a prime example of dedication to discovering the methods of sound.

The name is self-explanatory, an audial guide to a visual void. An audial guide to a feeling.

  1. Rollfast – Garatuba

An amazing record to represent the ever expansive sounds of psych rock here in Indonesia. Garatuba takes you on a trip of social commentaries decorated with traditional sounds and heavy riffs. A different direction compared to their earlier release, Garatuba is a more conceptual album. Rollfast said themselves, that on this record they have taken inspiration from their surrounding environment in Bali.

The record takes you on a whole journey of unlimited sounds. A combination of experimenting with traditional instruments and a unique approach to storytelling. A full sonic experience into the minds of Rollfast and what they perceive as the world.

One of this year’s best releases.

  1. Harry Roesli – Opera Rock – Ken Arok

Strong proof that we, Indonesians, don’t need to look far for heavy and unlimited inspiration. This record shows the amazing minds of local legends in Indonesian music history. Taking the story of Ken Arok, Harry Roesli delivers the folklore through contemporary rock music and a theater performance. Opera Rock –  Ken Arok is not simply a music record, but a collection of ideas brought to life through different mediums of art.

An adventure from part I and II. From lyrics filled with humor and wit, to experimental instruments full of expression. The energy was felt entirely, to a point of true imagination inspired by the wide array of arrangements. Harry Roesli orchestrated a trip that would inspire a generation of musicians.

  1. Rub of Rub – Ruang Waktu

A fun dub inspired record that has strong organic energies. Delayed guitars add a layer of thick vibration, while simple vocals and various effects create a spaced out groove. I suggest to anyone who’s reading to watch their live performance. The drums are so tight, it creates spaces for the other instruments to decorate.

Feels very psychedelic while staying true to their dub / reggae foundations. A very enjoyable EP. Good for everyday listening as well. Chill out.