Various Artists – Ocean Blender: Indonesian Shoegazer Compilation Vol.2


Five years since we released Holy Noise (2016), finally, Anoa Records released the next volume of Indonesian Shoegazer Compilation, titled Ocean Blender.  16 bands. Old and new sounds from our small scene in Indonesia. Blissful till the end.

Exclusively released on The Store Front. Comes with a digital booklet.

wav format available by reaching out to us via after checkout.

Staff Comments: 

“The second iteration of the legendary compilation, Holy Noise, finally out after 5 years. The first compilation introduced fans, old and new, to various layer of Indonesian shoegaze. Now, with a five year gap, the genre has come a long way and Anoa Records finally decided to pick up where they left off. Whether you’re an old fan of the first compilation or you just simply want a primer for some local shoegaze, this compilation is worth a cop!”

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  1. Themilo – Lazy (Extended Version) 07:40
  2. Sharesprings – Ivory Tower 02:09
  3. Seetheeye – Shimmer 04:54
  4. Astrolab – Surgeon Hands 05:50
  5. Eyesun – Lush 05:39
  6. Lazysofia – Getting High 02:52
  7. Bleary Eyes – Rain Wash Away The Pain 05:51
  8. Dive Collate – Lost 06:14
  9. Allo Cables – Wheel 03:36
  10. Damascus – Tak Akan Pernah Ada 04:10
  11. Ease – Longing 03:39
  12. Winona Dryver – Super Flower Scene 02:04
  13. Annie Hall – Million Dreams 07:15
  14. Belladonna – Selamat Tidur, Dara… 05:03
  15. Hellens – Cherry, Darling 04:21
  16. Lass – Son Of The Wood 04:45

Includes: MP3 320kbps and an exclusive digital booklet.