Tomy Herseta & Gardika Gigih – Phases


Preview Track: Phase III (Menyublim)

Gardika Gigih and Tomy Herseta were born from different musical backgrounds. Gigih is a composer and piano improvisator, and Tomy is a designer who is also experimenting with electronic music. Gigih musical activities do not stand on a single path. He created works for orchestras, chamber music, soloists, and collaborations with other musicians. In addition, he also often composes music for films. Meanwhile Tomy, he produces music either for his personal work or other commercial purposes such as scoring for video, performance, installation, etc. He is also usually collaborating with other people from various backgrounds, from contemporary dancer to classical composer.

They both first met in Bandung, Indonesia on September 6th 2017, initiated by Eky Alkautsar from Sorge Records. The meeting took place without much ado and eventually both prefer to “chat” further via a live piano and electronic improvisation session while being recorded live operated by Ibrahim Adi (Studio Pohaci, Flukeminimix). The improvisation session that lasted for 35 minutes and 9 seconds resulted in “Phases”, a remarkable work, flowed by without any previous image of detail as to how Gigih’s piano language meets with noise and electronic sound variables from Tomy’s workdesk.

The improvisation is purely guided by the creative beliefs of the two, and that’s how this collaboration effortlessly emerged. “Phases” was the result of their first ‘chat’, harmony between the melodious piano from Gigih and the cinematic sounds from Tomy.Who knows what will be produced in the future; as the intensity of the encounter is increasing, and other sounds from both of them could continuously be unleashed. In this case, waiting turns into an excitement.

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  1. Phase I (Mengembun)
  2. Phase II (Menghablur)
  3. Phase III (Menyublim)
  4. Phase IV (Melebur)

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