Dead Pepaya – Moda Ekuator


Preview Track: ASAM – Komando


‘Moda Ekuator’, compiled by Dead Pepaya. This compilation showcases the uncharted rhythms of Indonesia’s post-club electronic music produced by selected units from the local alternative dance and experimental scene.

Includes digital artwork collection, wav format available by reaching out to us via after checkout.

Staff Comments: 

“The musicians in this compilation have been put in a position where they are free to approach sounds that they may not usually approach in clubs pre-pandemic. Curated as a compilation of what has been called as ‘post-club’ by Pepaya Records’ Aldo Ersan and Dead Records’ Aditya Prayoga and Catra Darusman, expect to hear something fresh and unfamiliar on ‘Moda Ekuator’.”

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  1. Mahesa Almeida – 20.5A.11IIrXc
  2. Fraktal – Kosmatrix
  3. Interdimension Traveler – Orbit
  4. MXTXT – Radar Kalam
  5. ASAM – Komando
  6. Random Brothers – BUDAKKICK
  7. Hxxmo – Alas Buto
  8. Erman & Turismo Avenue – False Neutral
  9. Jagajaga – J.W. High
  10. Batavia Strut – Momar Scat
  11. TamaT – Digital IDK Part. 2
  12. Individual Distortion – Spreader

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3, digital artwork collection.


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