Themilo – Photograph


Preview Track: Daun dan Ranting Menuju Surga

The album “Photograph” is Themilo’s second album, first released in 2011 and now are being releases digitally via Anoa Records. The legendary album from Bandung-based dreampop outfit shows a dreamy instrumentation, accompanied by reflective lyrics. Ajie Gergaji called this album as “capturing the moments” where each song came from a personal story from the people he knows.

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Staff Comments: 

“Themilo has solidified its status as a cult legend. Re-releasing the second album will introduce newer listeners to Themilo’s early stuff. As Ajie Gergaji said, this album is very personal, sometimes draining, but it pays off.”

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  1. Stethoscope
  2. For All The Dreams That Wings Could Fly
  3. So Regret
  4. Get Into Your Mind
  5. Dreams
  6. Don’t Worry For Being Alone
  7. Daun Dan Ranting Menuju Surga
  8. Apart

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3.


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