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Preview Track: Burned

When Riftyza Gestandi (Tyza) met Hanzalah Usaidi (Hanzalah) in high school at the end of 2002, Hanzalah who was then crazy about The Cure invited Tyza to form a band. Then they asked Rinaldi Aban (Aldi) who had never played bass guitar before to become their bassist. Tyza then invited his cousin, Feizal Akbar (Ichal), to join as a guitarist, and their basketball mate, Ajat M. Fajar (Ajat) to play drums. They agreed to name the band ‘The Playmaker’. But the name only lasted 1 year because there was already a band called The Playmaker from London. Then they agreed to change their name to ‘The Wellington’. Their music contains a combination of jangly guitar and dreamy vocals.

In 2006 they recorded two songs called ‘Lost in Cairo’ and ‘Silence’ that were included as bonuses in a fanzine created by American record label, Cloudberry records. In 2011, Ajat resigned and was replaced by Rizky Ocktadinanta (Kiki). That year they also got an offer from Heyho Records! to release 2 songs – ‘Ocean’ and ‘A Thousand Yards’. 3 years later they released a split single with Sharesprings titled ‘Someone knock on my door’ also under Heyho! Records.

Staff Comments: 

“17 years after The Wellington was formed, we finally have their first LP! An essential 2020 release if you ask us.”

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  1. White October
  2. Unlover
  3. Burned
  4. Floating Flower
  5. Lost In Cairo
  6. Lovely Sun
  7. Someone Knock on My Door
  8. Summer Heart
  9. It’s So Fine

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3.


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