The Store Front Year End Report 2021


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It’s been a full 365 days of operation here at The Store Front and we feel like we should refresh our readers regarding our platform considering we now have a year’s worth of data and insight to share. The Store Front is an independent digital platform anchored by two pillars: 1. The 90% initiative, we strive to give 10% of the revenue to the artists and labels. 2. The Transparency Act, we report our financial affairs on a monthly basis and report our internal affairs on a yearly basis. With this being our first full year operating, this report will be outlining our evaluation throughout the year 2021 and provide some insight in regards to releases on the platform for artists and consumers alike. This report covers four points; Content Growth, how we acquire digital releases and how we’ve handled the publishing process throughout the year. User Behaviour, our demographic and acquisition of users throughout the year. Transaction Trends, where we dive into artist distribution, artist revenues, and consumer behaviour via our purchases. Internal Finances, we evaluated our internal affairs, how comfortable we are with our revenue and overall state of the site. Concerns, we reflected on issues that we have noticed throughout the year and the current options on how we can combat these issues.

This is a digital PDF. You Will receive the report in two versions: Bahasa and English.

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