The Store Front Year End Report 2020


Extracted from the introduction of this document: 

90 days seems a bit premature for us to be making a year-end report. Nevertheless, we found some nuggets of useful information that we feel should be reported to the public, our lone stakeholder. We hope that this will be the first of many year end reports. We feel like we should refresh our readers regarding this platform. The Store Front is anchored by three pillars:

  1. The 90% initiative, we strive to give 10% of the revenue to the artists and labels.
  2. The Transparency Act, we report our financial affairs on a monthly basis and report our internal affairs on a yearly basis, starting with this report.
  3. Own Your Music, we asked our listeners to be wise and practical with their music. We accommodate the ease of payment by incorporating many means of payment. In return, we ask our listeners to own their music and perform their duty of care by not sharing it recklessly.

As such, we released this 2020 report, outlining our evaluation since launching TSF up until our year end evaluation. This report covers four points:

  1. User Behaviour, how we acquire users, how scattered our users are as well as the duration for every browsing session
  2. Transaction Trends, we analyzed our top 5 all time best selling releases and how they got there.
  3. Internal Finances, we evaluated our internal affairs, how comfortable we are with our revenue and overall state of the site.
  4. Concerns, we communicated our concerns for the platform moving forward.

This is a digital PDF. You Will receive the report in two versions: Bahasa and English.

You can directly support the platform by buying this year end report document. Another alternative is our public tip jar on Saweria here.


There has been a typo in this report on first point of the abstract that says “10% of income” or “10% pendapatan” – The correct statement is “90% of income” or “90% pendapatan”

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