taRRkam – Fresh Grad


Preview Track: Kameleon

Jakarta egg punk quintet taRRkam has released their first full-length album, Fresh Grad. It is a long wait for their followers, as it has been eight years since taRRkam first appeared through the Transcend Massive Culture EP. Fresh Grad was released via Lamunai Records.

This release is an exclusive for The Store Front. 



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  1. MPRGP
  2. Kameleon
  3. Viktoria
  4. Siaran Eksplisit
  5. Chainsmoker
  6. Kelas taRRkam
  7. Guru Alip
  8. Bicara Masa Depan
  9. Produk-Produk Mutakhir
  10. Codename DK
  11. Fresh Grad
  12. Ohayo Pinpin

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3, and .WAV format by request to info@noisewhore.com