Suri / Sigmun / Jelaga – Three​-​Way Split


Orange Cliff’s first ever release that sparked the birth of Orange Cliff back in 2012. Stemming from their love with Sigmun, Jelaga and SURI. Read what Orange Cliff has to say about the release below:

“Orange Cliff was initially meant to accommodate a single vinyl split release between Sigmun, Jelaga, and SURI back in 2012, but we did not plan on doing anything beyond that. The idea of the release stemmed from Sigmun as I was, loosely speaking, doing some managing stuff for them back then (from 2011 until I left mid 2020) and we were looking to do a proper debut physical release. We were talking to Faisal Yahu D from Slap Bet Records and Wan Hazril from Cactus Records (now Tandang), and they were doing a 7” co-release for Kelelawar Malam and Ghaust at that time so our feelings were leaning towards a vinyl release, but Grieve Records’ Kelelawar Malam 12” was what really locked our hearts into going for a vinyl release.”

-Anindito AR (From our interview with him, read more here.)

This release is an exclusive to The Store Front.

wav format available by reaching out to us via after checkout.

Staff Comments: 

“Talk about a monumental release! Although you can’t have the vinyl version of this split, enjoy the digital one right here. No need to elaborate more, if you love some good rockin’, you gotta love this one!”

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  1. Jelaga – Red Sky
  2. Suri – Jacaranda (Syubuh – Policy – Nausea)
  3. Sigmun – The Long Haul
  4. Jelaga – War Song

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3.


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