Sunlotus – This Old House


Preview Track: Sunroof Shelter (This Old House)


Sunlotus emerged as a result of anxiety of changes in society and also the desire of making soundscape ambient. It first started out as a studio rehearsal session between Made Dharma playing guitar and DF Ahmad playing drums which then switched to guitar and asked Wiwit Nugroho to fill in the drums in mid 2018, at the dry land of Blora, Central Java. Influenced by the harsh terrain of dry land which they reside and the memories of the place of hometown where they grew up, they quickly write a couple arrangement and decided to record more songs at Christmas of 2018.

They took the title of “This Old House” for their debut as a representation of how memory works to ignite anxiety as how people grow seeing things change around them compared to as when they were childhood. The album also speaks about perspectives of principles as a person with cultural background families as Javanese people are known for it’s philosophical, and conservative culture. Made Dharma wrote this lyrics as he came back to his hometown with such different views of life after 9 years leaving and met a lot of people from around the globe with diverse cultural background.

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Staff Comments: 

“This album has it all. Blora-based shoegaze outfit brings all you can expect from a modern day take of the shoegaze sonic exploration. Give this a spin for some contemporary shoegaze!”

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  1. Picturesque
  2. The Pillars Beneath My Feet
  3. Sunroof Shelter (This Old House)
  4. Heatstroke
  5. A Step Away Further
  6. Perseverance
  7. Silver

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3, digital booklet and photo journal.


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