Sugar Thrills / Eastcape – Sugar Thrills / Eastcape


Preview Track: Sugar Thrills – Early Summer 

This time, Greedy Dust will release their newest split roster, namely Sugar Thrills from Bali and Eastcape from Blitar. This split album contains 4 songs, both of which include two songs with their own characteristics. Sugar Thrills with post-grunge shoegaze and Eastcape with midwest emo with match rock tempos. From a musical perspective, Sugar Thrills is heavily influenced by bands such as Title Fight, Nothing, Narrow head. As for Eastcape, they are influenced by midwest emo bands such as Mineral, American Football and TOE.

Staff Comments: 

“A split properly done! Sugar Thrills and Eastcape’s music gel pretty well and makes for a good listening experience.”

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Side A: 

  1. Sugar Thrills – Early Summer
  2. Eastscape – Soul Recovery (ft Yossy Andreas (HADD)

Side B: 

  1. Eastscape – I’m Sorry I’m Sick
  2. Sugar Thrills – Drown

Includes: MP3 Download 320kbps.