Strange Mountain II – Rides Eternal


Strange Mountain is Marcel Thee sonic experimentation. With more than 10 albums under his belt as Strange Mountain, each album offers something different. The album “Rides Eternal” gives a good primer fo Strange Mountain, boasting different sounds in 10 tracks.

Staff Comments: 

“Lowkey, Marcel Thee is the most productive musician out there. His venture as Strange Mountain is astounding, consistent output and constantly getting picked up by different labels overseas, Marcel has created his own niche on Bandcamp. The man should be appreciated more as Strange Mountain!”

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  1. Dude, Tearsss
  2. Respect Your Elders (Apocalypse Whatever)
  3. Further and Furthest from the Moon
  4. Total Chinese (Whose Eyes Do See)
  5. I Want You to be Everything That is You
  6. I. New Horror II. Someone Else’s Sun
  7. Borrowed Rest, Afterwards
  8. Not Alone Never Alone
  9. Keep a Hold of My Mind
  10. Kingliness Without

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3.