Sieve – Biara LP


Preview Track: Kelopak Angsa 


Finally! Two decades after they released the mini album titled Biara on cassette format, Sieve’s released their first full album with 8 tracks, included 4 unreleased tracks. The legendary darkwave band from Bandung formed in 1999, and hailed as the finest obscurity of the genre in our local scene. This album also a new momentum for Sieve as a band after almost two decades hiatus and compiled the band’s works with some singles and demos included.

Biara materials was released back in 1999 as one of the earliest goth rock releases in the local scene. Sieve is also one of the early acts of goth rock along with SEL, Silent Sun, Kubik and Koil. Getah came first with their release in 1996. This release marks an essential touching point in the genre.

Sieve formed by Richard Riza (SEL’s keyboardist and synths) as the mastermind and Alexandra J. Wuisan (First vocalist of Cherry Bombshell dan now vocalist of Gergasi Api) to handle the vocals and songwriting. Later on, Regina Rina joined the band as the guitarist and backing vocal for Sieve.

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Staff Comments: 

“To say ‘finally’ would be an understatement. An LP by Sieve in the year 2021 was an unexpected surprise. The band continues where it left off and provides some good darkwave tunes!”

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  1. Biara
  2. Mars
  3. Megalomaniac Halo
  4. Vitreous Wish
  5. Furies Atonement
  6. Kelopak Angsa
  7. Kediri Bersemi
  8. Fake Ballad

Includes: Mp3 320Kbps download and digital exclusive content (Liner notes & photos)