Senyawa – Alkisah (Remixes)


Preview Track: Fasih (Kay Remix)


Alkisah is first album of Senyawa`s new chapter after finishing the previous chapter with “Sujud” in 2018. This new chapter is called “Dasawarsa Kedua” (Second Decade) where the duo will focus on integrating their experimentations with the idea of self-sufficiency and methods of surviving the ever-changing society. Alkisah tells a story of a society who disbanded themselves from a collapsing civilization and regroup to build a new one for the future. However, that future may not be there because the impending doom is upon them.

Alkisah had arrived on 21 February 2021. The album is co-released by multiple independent record labels across the globe, as an alternative method of music distribution that is more decentralized and non-hierarchical, allowing it to be more accessible in distance and price, redefining music exclusivity by sharing its ownership, and empower smaller scattered powers to grow and connect. The labels are given full freedom to design their own version of cover art and packaging, and are allowed to do their own mastering. The labels also curate their own remixes/reinterpretations of the album as part of the release.

As part of this co-release project, SOFT/BRUTE takes part in releasing the Alkisah album and its remixes in a bundle package containing double cassette tapes & the Alkisah universe version of SOFT/BRUTE trading card game’s deck. The remix & reinterpretation work was done by several musicians & producers from various sonic spectrum & across multiple cities in Indonesia such as Mahamboro, Guling, Sanjonas, Eversomber from Yogyakarta. TXETEXT from Bali, BAPAK & Anugrah from Jakarta. Furthermore, as the first step in SOFT / BRUTE’s future projection to provide space for artists from outside Java & Bali as an approach of decentralization, this time we invite Kay from Balikpapan for his debut release.

wav format available by reaching out to us via after checkout.

Staff Comments: 

“Another addition out of the 44 Alkisah releases. Soft Brute did a great job roping in various artists in this interpretation of the album. One of the most festive Alkisah out there.”

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  1. Kiamat (BAPAK. Reintepretation)
  2. Alkisah I (Sanjonas Remix)
  3. Alkisah II (Guling ‘sSs’ Remix)
  4. Fasih (Kay Remix)
  5. Istana (Mahamboro Remix)
  6. Kabau (Anugrah 4×4 Remix)
  7. Menuju Muara (TXETEXT Remix)
  8. Kekuasaan (Eversomber ‘Said Thalib’ Mix)

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3.


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