Rachun – Sesuai Resep Doktrin (Kanan)


Preview Track: 23:55 


The vision for this album deviates from a simple concept, which is the anxiety that middle-aged youths experience in the capital city. This anxiety stems from various factors such as age, economic status, and life principles. Ode, Firas, and I often find ourselves in a gray area, where we approach life events with caution. Although this vigilance can be detrimental at times, it also allows us to make informed decisions. On the other hand, Rachun has more time to contemplate and assess situations with clear consideration.

In “Sesuai Resep Doktrin,” we discuss topics that are often viewed in black and white or considered monochrome truths. Rather than accepting these truths blindly, we believe that everyone has the right to question, challenge, debate, or redefine the meaning of life. It is akin to asking a doctor about the purpose of a prescribed medication. If the doctrine is futile or the doctor is unsuitable, we should not adhere to it blindly. It is possible that the practices we are accustomed to are harmful and may even be the cause of our demise.


This release is an exclusive to The Store Front. Includes exclusive digital booklet. 

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1. Belum Terlambat 1:51 (Firas Raditya)
2. Kebanyakan 2:47 (Yudhistira, Firas Raditya, dan Nalendra Samudro)
3. Akhir Pekan 3:30 (Yudhistira, Firas Raditya, dan Nalendra Samudro)
5. Sabung Ayam, Adu Domba 2:55 (Yudhistira, Firas Raditya)
6. Kemarau 3:46 (Yudhistira, Firas Raditya, dan Nalendra Samudro)
7. 23:55 3:14 (Yudhistira, Firas Raditya, dan Nalendra Samudro)

8. Cermin 3:32 (Yudhistira, Firas Raditya)
9. Narkolepsi 3:49 (Firas Raditya)
10. Sendiri 3:16 (Firas Raditya)
11. Ok to Quit 4:11 (Yudhistira)
12. Tak Padam Hayat 2:57 (Firas Raditya)
13. Spill 3:51 (Yudhistira, Firas Raditya, dan Nalendra Samudro)


Includes exclusive digital booklet