Parakuat – Api dan Tanah


Preview Track: Sains Adam

This album tells the story of the complex era of Ancient Egypt. The relationship between King Pharaoh & Prophet Yusuf in the political realm to monotheism. Starting from KINGS DREAM, followed by Mura economics to governance, marked the time when Prophet Yusuf served as treasurer & advisor to the King. On the other tracklist, it tells the story of Satan and humans, about the Prophet Adam & Eve who is seen as the first human and the ancestor of all modern humans. In this second album, all tracks were recorded using a modular synthesizer, and the addition of sampling saxophone, sitar, veena & tabla.

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  1. Sains Adam
  2. Mura
  3. Tembuk Binar
  4. Firdaus
  5. Muno
  6. Melaju Liar
  7. Takwil Merayan
  8. Haram

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