Noise from Under – DISCORDANT: Overshadow


DISCORDANT: Overshadow
Producers : Rai Anvio, Abim
Contributors : ANTAGONIST, isabasiru, wankle, Lutfi Dana, jojopianist, AksalKreesna,
rubiside, Onepush777, drei
Format : NFT + hi-res audio (WAV) + original stems (WAV)

DISCORDANT is a series of co-creation projects by Noise from Under, initiated in Noise from Under’s Discord server. The first DISCORDANT installment is a sound design and composition practice following the theme “Overshadow”. This first installment can be understood from a multitude of perspectives — as an exploration of new relations between music producers and consumers; a questioning of artistic finality by making way for original works to be repurposed into derivative units; and an invitation for creative reproduction, among others.

The result is a six minute and four second-long audio piece, cinematic and eerie as it represents Noise from Under’s imagination. As if broken into acts, each act into scenes, this piece follows along a story collectively written by total strangers interpreting a common theme, and collaborating producers being architects of this audio structure. This approach to sound design and composition is titled “DISCORDANT: Overshadow”.

NFT holders are invited to create derivative works by utilising DISCORDANT’s original audio and stems. NFT holders are granted a limited, non-exclusive license to repurpose the purchased NFT, including its unlockable contents: (i) a hi-res audio file; and (ii) original stems, for the purpose of creating commercial derivative works based upon the purchased NFT, with credit to the original authors (“Noise from Under’s DISCORDANT: Overshadow produced by Rai Anvio, Abim”). Holders are prohibited from claiming authorship of any part of the NFT, including its unlockable contents, in its original form or without any creative alteration or reconstruction. The license is transferable upon any resale of the NFT in the secondary market. Upon giving up ownership, previous holders no longer hold any license as mentioned above.

Upon purchase via The Store Front, you will receive access to the unlockable contents (a hi-res audio file and original stems) via e-mail, along with a set of instructions to claim your DISCORDANT: Overshadow NFT. Please make sure that you follow the instructions attached to your e-mail immediately after completing your purchase.

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  1. DISCORDANT: Overshadow

Includes: WAV audio file, stems and a redeemable NFT