Morgue Vanguard x Still – Iqlab The Remix/Reinterpretation Project


Preview Track: Fateh (Kuntari Remix) – Kuntari


“Fateh” is a collaborative project between Morgue Vanguard and DJ Still in 2014. Morgue Vanguard is an frontman/MC from now-defunct Homicide and Bars of Death. Still is a former DJ for the avant-hip hop group Dalek from New Jersey. They carried out this “Fateh” project from 2011 to 2013.

During that time they exchanged ideas, documents, beats and other soundbites. Produce 8 compositions that try to paint a portrait of the end of time about the struggle of existentialism, the classic conflict of imperialism, the history of impoverishment (and a rendition of Chairil Anwar’s poetry) on ambient and hip-hop beats that sound like sonic fragments taken from the catalogs of the Bomb Squad, Scott Walker, Marley Marl and Einstürzende Neubauten.

The album “Iqlab: Fateh Remix/Reinterpretation Project” is a tribute project to the late DJ Still (Hsi-Chang Lin) who passed away 3 years ago. The big idea was to invite some of his fellow musicians and favorites from both Morgue Vanguard and Still to remix or reinterpret the songs on Fateh album. Within 3 months, these 12 contributors were finally gathered, from the neo-tribalistic Kuntari, relentless breakcore of Tamat, various hip hop styles from DJ Evil Cutz, Vladvamp, Kareem Soenharjo and Jaydawn, bass music from BKGD Audio (former member of Dalek, Oktopus), Strotter Inst.’s organic loops, ambient landscapes from Mike Mare (Destructo Swarmbots), to sonic collage experiments from Nishkra and Jaques, as well as two reinterpretations coming from Efek Rumah Kaca and Senyawa.

This digital version is also our tribute for Storefront collective. All profits from the sale are dedicated to the development of Storefront, as a token of our appreciation for their initiative to build a more equitable alternative for local musicians in distributing their work.


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  1. Vague Lama-Bobbin, 1238 (Strotter Inst Mix) – Strotter Inst
  2. Fateh (Kuntari Remix) – Kuntari
  3. Kondor Terjaga (Jaydawn Mix) – Jaydawn
  4. Tak Berbayang Di Roban Batang (Tamat Remix) – Tamat
  5. Dol Guldur (BKGD Audio Remix) – BKGD AudioKepada Kawan (Bumantara Hampa) – Vladvamp
  6. Manufaktur Pre-Teks (B-Boy Routine Mix) – DJ Evil Cutz
  7. Dialek[lek]tika Akumulasi Primitif (Sebuah Parafrase, Setelah Rehberg dan Rzewski) – Nishkra x Jaqués
  8. Sondang – Efek Rumah Kaca
  9. Dol Guldur (Kareem Remix) – Kareem Soenharjo
  10. Kondor Terjaga (Mike Mare Mix) – Mike Mare
  11. Fateh – Senyawa

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