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Artist statement Monica Hapsari:

Forty minutes live performance of Monica Hapsari’s latest and previous compositions that are based on the purification method, both physically and spiritually. This pandemic era has made Monica and a lot of people in the world lose so many loving friends and family. As an offering to people that passed away and to the Jagad (Universe) itself, Monica presents a lamentation as the act of acknowledgement by asking for forgiveness for her own filthy soul. An offering of purification and forgiveness, for herself and for all the deceased.

The whole composition was based on the hybrid approach between Indonesian various traditions and the current digital technology. From the audio compositions to the light and visual interaction. In the context of pursuing (by trials and errors) the ideal method of combined tradition and technology.

Monica Hapsari
December, 2021

Curatorial Note:

A dark red hue enveloped Nightmare and its surroundings. Nyoman Nuarta’s sculpture located in the middle of the museum which is related to a tragedy in the memory of the Indonesian people. Monica Hapsari stood in front of the work and opened her performance with the composition entitled ‘Nafas #1,’ followed by ‘Reresik Lair Lan Batin.’ A series of beginnings as well as experimentation with various beliefs and traditions in Indonesia. The prayers and offerings in Monica’s signature chants and whispers echo through every corner of NuArt Sculpture Park museum.

The dynamics of light and visualizations by Convert Textured welcoming the ‘Mantra’ composition. A blending of red and blue splashes. Ended with ‘Monstera,’ Monica Hapsari’s 40-minute performance became a bridge to the upcoming year.

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  1. Nafas #1
  2. Reresik Lair Lan Batin
  3. Mantra
  4. Chant of The Sun Scream
  5. Maercs Nus Eht Fo Tnahc
  6. Moonlight Hymn (Cover Version)
  7. Moonlight Hymn
  8. Surya Namaskara
  9. Untitled (Song in Progress)
  10. Monstera

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