Logic Lost – Hero Worship


Preview Track: Door


Logic Lost takes on the job of addressing the collapse of human sensibility in a world built on forced delusions through his EP, Hero Worship. Released on Blank.Orb in January 2020, Hero Worship is designed to be listened to as one large piece, with the tracks separated to map out the concept of collapse.

The track “Worship Hero” is an exclusive to The Store Front.

wav format available by reaching out to us via info@noisewhore.com after checkout.

Staff Comments: 

“When this album first released this year, it summons a stir for me. The album serves as something exciting as it is depressing, perfect for this year.”

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  1. Door
  2. Zahir
  3. La Destruction
  4. Slow Collapse
  5. Broken View
  6. Hero Worship
  7. Forever Graceless
  8. Left Behind
  9. Batin
  10. Worship Hero (The Store Front Exclusive Track)

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3.