LAIR – Kiser Kenamaan


Preview Track: Kiser Remang Utara


The songs in the debut album are born from daily observations in large places where the personnel live, from Jatiwangi to Cirebon and Indramayu. Every song
departing from the experience of living in the north coast region; there are stories of fishermen sailing in the north sea, chaotic roads on the north coast route told by inter-city drivers, anger from the political situation of village head elections, there is also class optimism.

Label notes:
LAIR’s “Kiser Kenamaan” is a brutally-honest album delivered through poem-like lyrics (which I may have been biased due to knowing Nama Makna taking the lyrics from Ajip Rosidi) and raw, ‘kiser’ melodies, painting a series of vivid images of what living in the Pantura (northern coast of Java) region is like.

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Staff Comments: 

“As cerebral as it is boring, in a good way. LAIR is something to behold in this early days of 2022. There’s a big chance this one will stay on your rotation for the rest of the year!”

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  1. Biru Beriak
  2. Nalar
  3. Roda Gila
  4. Lir
  5. Nama Makna
  6. Liat
  7. Kiser Remang Utara
  8. Gosari

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