Preview Track: Keke Ode Naomi, Mahamboro, Nicholas Combe, I Made Dharma, Kiat Istiqomah (Kombo 18, di Rumah Lifepatch)

Kombo is a platform designed to accommodate everything related to musical improvisation and the spirit of experimentation in music. Established independently since 2014, Kombo aims to educate and inspire people on alternative methods of creating sound and composition, as well as trying to provide a perspective for the community on how to appreciate them.

Kombo Excerpts is a compilation album of audio pieces recorded from the Kombo sessions. The first volume is taken from the recording of five Kombo sessions between 2017-2019. This compilation is also the first ever release by the label and publication body of Kombolab, and serves as a fundraising medium for the 2023 Kombo Festival. For further information about Kombo and the Kombo Festival, please visit www.kombolab.net.


This release is an exclusive to The Store Front.

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  1. Keke Ode Naomi, Mahamboro, Nicholas Combe, I Made Dharma, Kiat Istiqomah
  2. Brenna Murphy, Dicky Permana
  3. Ramberto Agozalie, Bodhi IA, Ragipta Utama
  4. Andryan Ade, Ayu Saraswati
  5. Asa Rahmana, Ronie Udara
  6. Aldo Ahmad, Ignaz Schick, Mathias Klarlund
  7. mKiat Istiqomah, Mahamboro
  8. Jason Ogawa, Uya Cipriano
  9. Gilang Damar Setiadi, Taus Bregnhoj-Olesen
  10. Aoi Tagami, James Roemer, Abiyya Ladangku, Aulia Harahap
  11. Sprit Rukaya, Babyaspirindvd
  12. Nicholas Combe, I Made Dharma
  13. Mal Mulyadi, Emil Palme
  14. Tony Maryana, Caesar Daniel

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3, and .WAV format by request to info@noisewhore.com