Joshua Loing – Strictly Platonic


Preview Track: Undress

They don’t call him the loneliest man in Bali for nothing. Joshua Loing’s persona precedes him. Merging a hesitant loner persona with a larger-than-life production sound, Indonesian Indie artist stays obscure for years, that makes him the most under rated songwriter in his country’s scene. After his calculations, he actually made savings from all the gigs he lost during the pandemic. He stretches his rusty fingers and vocal cords and drags himself to his old digs Lucretia Studio and reunited with his go-to Sound Engineer Oka Arimbawa to lay down a handful of guitar and vocal tracks that he later arranged into a expansive orchestral jaunt that he would later titled ‘Strictly Platonic’. He writes in seclusion and is no stranger to play in front of crowd that is 3.6% of the venue capacity, therefore as a viral pandemic looms he makes himself comfortable in no time and the writing sessions for Strictly Platonic happen just naturally as social restriction and lockdowns feels like a natural habitat for him.

Staff comments:
“Strictly Platonic certainly deserves more attention. The tracks included in this record brings out the best listening experience in a while.”

This release is an exclusive to The Store Front.


  1. Out of the Closet
  2. The Hands I’d Rather Let Go Of
  3. Windows and Aisles
  4. A Place Without Pronouns
  5. Stayin’ Poised
  6. Vulgar Favour
  7. Closer than Brothers
  8. Undress
  9. Sugar Pill (feat. Siska Salman)

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3, exclusive digital booklet, and .WAV format by request to