Hartjamt – 1st


Preview Track: Vigilante

A message from Hartjamt: 

“From 2010 until 2015, I was keen on studying several modern musical instruments and was influenced by an environment that supports math rock, experimental rock, math core, and post rock music at heart. I listened to those types of music numerous times, analysing the instruments in it even though I know next to nothing about the songs. Sometimes I only listen to parts of the songs. I was intrigued by the mode or scale patterns of guitar, bass, drums that are odd, awkward, weird, or unique.

The results are presented in this album, which contains only one song with a duration of 25 minutes, although the song does not possess an unusual structure due to the fact that I started composing it targeting to have it fit into a mini-CD (24 minutes limit). Beginning with 3 minutes for the starting part, another 3 minutes for the middle part, and another 3 minutes for the end part, the challenge is to put all those parts together in terms of song structure, but without synchronising with each others in terms of tempo, base note, beat, and type of music. I took an “experimental” approach to put together everything and filling the gaps between those 3 parts, and made calculations for the song to fall at exactly 24 minutes, but then the end product’s duration is 25 minutes. It can’t be. It can’t fit into a mini CD and there are no parts that can be sped up or cut because I felt that everything is where they are supposed to be.

I did all the creative ideas, recording, and mixing processes myself, with inputs and assistance by Adhit Android for Mastering. Bang Bez realised the cover’s visuals, and Orange Cliff Records in releasing the album.”

Staff Comments: 

“Sloppy, in a good way, Hartmjamt offers a good mix of musical prowess and precision! Cop this one if you’re into math rock or something of the sort”

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  1. Shoulder
  2. Genie
  3. Daft
  4. Thrice
  5. Step
  6. Misguided
  7. Horse
  8. Throttle
  9. Pale
  10. Crowd
  11. Barrel
  12. Dynamo
  13. Shake
  14. Vigilante
  15. Ape
  16. Ripple
  17. Outrun
  18. Heavy
  19. Mirror
  20. First

Includes: MP3 320Kbps download.