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Preview Track: Arumdalu


Kenduri is hara’s debut mini album. The songs in this EP are inspired by hara’s effort to look for hope amidst the pandemic in which she found it through her garden. Kenduri, in Indonesian or Javanese, is usually known as ‘selametan’ or a communal blessing ceremony to celebrate life, death, or other important milestones in life. Specifically, this album is hara’s interpretation of kenduri as a celebratory harvest ritual that is usually practiced by farmers in Indonesia.

The EP consists of four songs, which begins with a song dedicated to her plants, inspired by folk songs written by indigenous farmer communities (Tembang Tandur), Akar Wangi (feat. Guna Warma), a song based on a hara’s dream where she plants vetivers on the banks of a dry river near her house, Kebun Terakhir (The Last Garden), a story inspired by the struggles of Indonesian farmers to defend their land where she explores land/garden/‘kebun’ as the last field of struggle to grow hope, and finally, Arumdalu (Night-blooming jasmine), an ode to the everyday beauty of life.

An Indonesian singer-songwriter, a researcher, and an urban gardener, Kenduri is hara’s invitation for listeners to visit her garden and witness the journey of how she rekindles her relationship with nature through gardening.

This release is an exclusive to The Store Front. Comes with one bonus track and a digital booklet.

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Staff Comments:

As bold as it gets! You wouldn’t believe that Kenduri came from the same person that was in Banda Neira. The pivot shows maturity, musical progression and quite honestly, guts. Pick this one up if you’re into atmospheric soundscape, pretty sure you’ll get lost in no time.”

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  1. Tembang Tandur
  2. Akar Wangi (feat. Guna Warma)
  3. Kebun Terakhir
  4. Arumdalu
  5. Alir (Bonus Track, The Store Front Exclusive)

Includes: MP3 320kbps download and an exclusive booklet.