Suasanasabtupagi – Mammals – EP


Preview Track: Pornographer


Formed in 2008 as a weekend music project, Suasanasabtupagi is an indie pop/rock collective band. Have at least five members and sometimes 16 members when on live/stage. Each plays have different characteristic of how they play their own music. Because following their dynamic line-up, when each members have their own style. So each songs can be interpreted differently each plays live. Their latest EP “Mammals” released via Anoa is an embodiment of their spirit.

FLAC/wav format available by reaching out to us via after checkout.

Staff Comments:

Newly released by Anoa, the label keeps on coming back with solid releases, “Mammals” is not an exception. It captures a folk atmosphere, akin to the good wave of folk releases circa 2012. A good EP to wind down if you ask me!” 

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  1. Gotta Go Sailing
  2. I’m OK
  3. Pornographer
  4. Anthem No.9
  5. Matches
  6. Gone Fishing

Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3.


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